AnyLogic 2020 in review

AnyLogic end of 2020 blog

Every year is unique and 2020 was no exception. Reviewing the blog, it is clear that the simulation community responded well to many of the pandemic related challenges and continued with inspiring work throughout the year. In this review, see some of what defined 2020 for AnyLogic and how much there is to look forward to in 2021.

AnyLogic Software Releases

Both AnyLogic and the AnyLogic Cloud platform received some great updates this year. AnyLogic completes 2020 on version 8.7.2 with material handling additions, an integrated AI experiment, speed improvements and social distancing. Cloud updates gave organizations that use simulation modeling an integrated environment for model management and execution. The new cloud features improved simulation accessibility, security, and performance. In the blog, we showed how to interact with the cloud simulations using Python, in addition to the JavaScript.

The Material Handling Library continued its strong growth and our in-house expert, Anastasia Zhiliaeva, gave us detailed blogs on area restrictions for transporters and how to use the network port for connecting conveyors and processing stations.

Network port: Learning to use the Material Handling Library

On video, new material handling features appeared in three webinars and a how-to:

Of course, development of AnyLogic does not stop and details of AnyLogic 9 started to appear towards the end of 2020. At the Online Indian AnyLogic User Experience this last October, The AnyLogic Company CEO, Andrei Borshchev, gave an overview and roadmap for AnyLogic 9, with glimpses of a new UI, GIT support, and other modeler friendly developments. Shortly after, details from the presentation were expanded on at the Online WinterSim 2020 conference, showing how AnyLogic 9 will introduce the next generation of simulation modeling.

AnyLogic content

Supporting materials for the new developments in AnyLogic come in a variety of forms – the blog highlighted a variety of these in its online resources post.

Artificial intelligence technologies and their relation to simulation continued with AnyLogic’s inclusion of an AI experiment in version 8.7. AnyLogic Simulation and AI Program Lead Arash Mahdavi introduced the training of AI-Agents with Microsoft Project Bonsai in his webinar AnyLogic and Project Bonsai End-to-End Workflow with Microsoft Principal Program Manager David Coe.

For AnyLogic simulation in general, it is important that The Big Book of Simulation Modeling keeps pace with changes in the state of the art. Rather than wait for a whole new book release, new chapters are being released online as they become available. Here, as PDF, are this year’s new chapters from the authors Andrei Borshchev, The AnyLogic Company CEO, and Head of AnyLogic Training Services Ilya Grigoryev.

In addition, to accompany the release of the book Evolving Toolbox for Complex Project Management, you can download Sergey Suslov and Dmitry Katalevsky’s chapter on Modeling and Simulation in Complex Project Management.

Models of the Month

Each monthly AnyLogic newsletter (sign up) features a model of the month. The idea is to highlight the type of work and projects people are doing with AnyLogic Cloud. Simulation models are easily shareable with AnyLogic Cloud and they run in standard browsers. It is a very popular feature of the newsletter.

With a great thank you to all the simulation modelers, here are 2020’s models of the month:


The model of the month highlights only part of the AnyLogic community. Many AnyLogic users are active on a wide variety of platforms and forums that help deepen and strengthen simulation knowledge. The AnyLogic LinkedIn group continues to be a great place for getting advice and Stackoverflow is a great forum for peer support.

If you are looking for a deep dive into AnyLogic related topics, you will find a variety of content generated by the AnyLogic community. Here are some highlights.

As COVID-19 began to spread, an early paper from China was shared with us that contained details of an AnyLogic model used to simulate virus transmission. Almost immediately after publishing, we received a Portuguese translation from a Brazilian AnyLogic user who asked that we also make it available.

Other popular community developments this year include Brian Ovrum’s tips and tricks for creating simulation visuals in his blog How to Build a Stunning Simulation. Also, with an eye on the future, Sjors Hijgenaar showed with AnyLogic the value of good neighbors and blockchain in the future of electricity smart grids.

YouTube continues to be an invaluable source and 2020 has seen record activity on the AnyLogic YouTube channel where you can find our How-To series and webinars.

Looking Forward

It was another good year for simulation modeling with many exciting developments, and we are looking forward to the many opportunities for simulation in the 2020s. May it be fulfilling and successful!

Happy holidays!

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