COVID-19 and Simulation

AnyLogic Cloud models related to COVID-19 pandemic

One of the key methods for gaining insight into the unknowns of the COVID-19 pandemic is to use simulation modeling. This is true for many disciplines across business and research, as reflected in the collection of public models being uploaded to AnyLogic Cloud. Here we gather a variety of COVID-19 related simulation models.

Towards the end of February, as the virus began to spread, we received a paper gathered from Wuhan University’s Journal of New Medical Knowledge. It provided an early look into how the disease was spreading and referenced data based on simulation. At this stage, simulation models were largely being used to investigate the epidemiology of the disease. The types of simulations used for this are system dynamics, as demonstrated in Dénes Csala of Lancaster University’s blog, and agent-based modeling. Ignacio Brottier and Patricio Pipp dive into the pros and cons of each method in The Good the Bad and The Agent-Based Model.

The simulation models presented here are examples only. Please consult with your local authorities for COVID-19 advice and strategy.

Impact of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions on Virus Spread

Model from The Good the Bad and The Agent-Based Model.

COVID-19 in a Small Town

While no model can be a perfect representation of the real world, models that account for regional differences show how different aspects of the pandemic can be investigated. In the Regional COVID-19 Response Simulation model from Luminesim, a rural Canadian municipality is the setting for experimenting with various strategies for managing the spread of the virus and analyzing their consequences.

Smart Proximity Simulation - Demo

As the pandemic developed, it became clear that businesses were largely unable to continue as usual, especially in manufacturing. Social distancing quickly became a common phrase and the need to understand its specifics lead to models such as the Smart Proximity Simulation from Engineering. The simulation looks at how processes on a factory production line might continue in relation to social distancing guidelines and measures such as protective barriers.

Social DistanSim - Office

For offices, getting people back to work has meant incorporating rules on social distancing, creating an environment in which employees feel comfortable, and balancing new risk profiles. The Back to Work - Social Distancing at the Office model from Accenture helps consider many of these variables.

Continuing the theme, the Facility Operations with Covid-19 model from Yogeo, Goldratt Research Labs, and Benjamin Schumann helps demonstrate how simple measures such as wearing a mask affect COVID-19 transmission within facilities.

These models are only a sample of the public models posted on AnyLogic Cloud (discover other COVID response AnyLogic Cloud models) and more are being added all the time. If we have missed a noteworthy simulation or if you feel inspired to add your own, get in touch or let us know in the comments below!

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