Passenger Terminals

AnyLogic enables the effective development of solutions for planning, managing, and optimizing pedestrian flows in public buildings like airports, railway stations, shopping malls, and stadiums.

Building capacity: Creating layouts that avoid bottlenecks and accommodate the passage of people, through ticket halls, security checks, and other points of congestions is a challenge. There is also the need to stress-test doors, stairs, elevators, escalators, and corridors, and then calculate their operating capacities. AnyLogic has a specific Pedestrian Library to help deliver success when planning a building or validating your project.

Business processes: Introducing a service point can affect the dynamics of a building. Ticket barriers at railway stations, kiosks or ATMs in shopping malls, passport controls at airports, all are examples with the potential to cause significant disruption. With AnyLogic you can determine installation requirements and optimal performance, to efficiently meet demands. AnyLogic enables you to thoroughly analyze the business processes at your facility.

Evacuation planning: Knowing how an evacuation plan will work in a building is crucial. AnyLogic allows modelers to test various evacuation plans that reflect the diverse and complex behaviors of people in an emergency. The software can also evaluate safety and security weak spots, assisting prevention and mitigation strategy development.

Shopping area customer traffic: The value of a shopping or advertising location is essential business information. Knowing the expected footfall and how it may be modified can give a competitive edge. With pedestrian simulation in AnyLogic you can get these insights.

Public transport accessibility: Simulating transport availability is of significant value when organizing the visitor flows of a facility. Traffic sources, parking management, and the wider impact of change on surrounding roads and networks are all factors affecting congestion. AnyLogic is a professional tool for planning transport accessibility, giving you the power to find the right solutions.

Customers just like you are using AnyLogic to:

  • evaluate building or object capacity
  • find and avoid pedestrian bottlenecks
  • optimize business processes at service points
  • carry out evacuation planning
  • assess shopping area customer traffic
  • evaluate parking, roadway, and public transportation accessibility

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