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Road infrastructure planning is always a challenge, with the need to avoid congestion, allow for traffic growth, and meet the requirements of budgets and the city environment.

For planners needing to make changes to the road network, it is necessary to forecast the effects on traffic flow. When integrating major public buildings, such as airports, stations, and stadiums into a network, or planning their onsite roads, their impact must be considered.

Traffic light sequencing and timing, and placement of road network objects (such as parking bays, bus stops, and access lanes), all have a direct influence on traffic flow and capacity.

Road network changes can have far reaching economic consequences and be unforgiving when subject to real world testing. Therefore, it is crucial to find optimal solutions.

AnyLogic simulation modeling provides a Road Traffic Library, enabling traffic flow simulation with the power to deliver the most efficient road traffic engineering and design. Clear visualizations quickly aid development, with density maps highlighting congestion, and animations demonstrating traffic flow and bottlenecks. The freedom to experiment, and the ability to optimize accurate models, with traffic simulation software, provides the best platform for success in road traffic planning and engineering.

Using road traffic simulation software is the key to detailed analysis and valuable solutions in your organization.

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