Defense and Safety Simulation

Maintaining high performance, while balancing affordability, is an ever-present condition in modern defense. New demands and technologies require constant adaptation to target resources successfully.

Simulation modeling presents a way to meet these demands efficiently. By providing a highly flexible and extensive environment for capturing and analyzing complex systems, it is possible to deliver increased performance with reduced risk. Defense systems can be developed and tested, logistical support systems optimized, and operation plans explored and evaluated for deeper insight.

Using AnyLogic, hidden savings can be found in areas such as maintenance scheduling. For example, by identifying bottlenecks and testing workflow modifications, sizeable improvements in airplane turnaround can be found.

When planning civil defense, disaster response scenarios can be evaluated, and evacuation plans developed. It is possible to account for environmental variables, human behavior, and technology systems to create a complete situational view and test responses. Simulation modeling enables the testing of plans and the development of effective contingency measures that would not be possible otherwise.

Evaluating new technologies with simulation modeling reduces time, expenditure, and risk. This allows innovations to be introduced earlier, and with greater success. For instance, the increased use of autonomous systems means it is important to test their interoperability and cooperation. In AnyLogic, it is possible to model these systems and evaluate their use in applications such as supply transportation, demining, and reconnaissance.

AnyLogic simulation modeling delivers a powerful virtual environment for the analysis, testing, and optimization of processes, systems and operations. Detailed statistics and visualizations enable informed decision making, giving you the freedom to advance sooner and further, with less risk.

AnyLogic can be used for:

  • maintenance scheduling
  • supply chain design and optimization
  • performance-based logistics
  • operations and evacuation planning, civil defense modeling

AnyLogic has a GSA Contract schedule #47QTCA18D007Q. Government agencies of the United States of America may purchase through GSA Advantage — AnyLogic or AnyLogic Team License.

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