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Simulation is a powerful tool for cutting costs and increasing throughput at ports and container terminals. It enables deep insight and provides a risk-free environment to develop plans. Port and terminal simulation can be used for detailed internal logistics analysis, decision support, risk mitigation, and disruption response.

Significant losses can be incurred through idle time and demurrage, and minimizing them requires insight across all operational interactions in a port or terminal. The multimethod approach of simulation modeling with AnyLogic helps capture the true characteristics of facilities such as container terminals, including berthing, transfer, storage, multimodal transport, and staffing. Furthermore, the actions of port authorities also affect environmental factors as well, including noise, gas emissions, and particulates. Capturing all such variables in a simulation model allows you to understand their relationships and answer questions such as:

  • Are straddle carrier operations causing a bottleneck?
  • What impact will increasing the number of berths have?
  • Can tank storage changes reduce transfer times?
  • How to optimize bridge crane algorithms.

Simulation modeling helps answer questions with verifiable statistics and visual feedback. AnyLogic can capture the dynamics of business processes without compromise, including internal logistics of ports and terminals. Specific libraries cover the components of container ports, bulk cargo ports, and oil and LNG terminals, while multimodal transportation is naturally supported with the rail and road libraries.

AnyLogic enables port throughput to be increased and costs to be cut, ensuring a maximum return on investments. You can ask ‘what-if’ questions, stress test plans, and develop strategies for the ongoing optimal operation of your port and terminal resources.

Simulation modeling with AnyLogic is an invaluable tool for container terminal and bulk port analysis and management. Using port simulation software is key to the detailed analysis and optimal operation of your facilities.

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