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AnyLogic offers you a very broad variety of modeling techniques: AnyLogic is a System Dynamics, a Discrete Event and an Agent Based tool as the same time. This gives you a great advantage as you can always tailor the modeling approach best fitting the problem. On the other hand, with AnyLogic you are frequently facing the choice of the right techniques: there normally is a lot more than one option. Our AnyLogic training serves two goals: first, we give you a tour through most part of AnyLogic modeling language, second, we try to teach how to select the right approach and abstraction level. This training is both useful for the new users who wish to rapidly overcome AnyLogic learning curve, and for those who have experience with AnyLogic using just, say, DE or SD approach: our experience shows that typically there are AnyLogic elements that modelers are not aware of.

During the training you can also get professional assistance with your own AnyLogic project.

AnyLogic training program

Custom on-site training courses

If your company plans to train more than 3 modelers it makes sense to consider an on-site training. In this case our instructors will come to your facilities, so you can save time and money on traveling.

Another advantage is customized program: you can tell us what problems are most important for you and we will put together a special set of presentations and exercises. We will tailor topics and design a course that will help you get the most out of our software.

Custom cource prices

On-site training is given at a fixed rate regardless the number of participants (up to 15). All travel expenses are already included in the price.

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