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Transportation planning and fleet management has many complexities, from scheduling and maintenance, to risk management and human resources. AnyLogic helps you successfully deal with these complicated issues, including the challenging task of transportation network optimization.

Simulation modeling enables you to effectively manage transportation resource planning, maximize transportation loads, minimize costs, and calculate the probability of traffic cost overruns. As a safe environment for experimentation, it allows you to discover potential difficulties ahead of time. Simulation modeling with AnyLogic is an invaluable tool for transportation system analysis and management.

Using transportation logistics software is key to the detailed analysis and optimal operation of your organization.

Decision support in transportation logistics is one of primary areas of AnyLogic usage. Typical tasks are:

We also offer anyLogistix, a specialized solution for supply chain design and transportation optimization. anyLogistix combines the power of AnyLogic together with the leading analytical solver, IBM ILOG CPLEX, to determine the best transportation policy for you. Learn more >>

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