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Decisions regarding manufacturing development, optimization, or reorganization are driven by many factors and are often costly, with the benefits hard to justify before implementation.

Traditionally, decisions are made based upon intuition and experience, sometimes with the support of spreadsheet tools. These approaches can be risky and are unnecessary in decision making today.

Simulation is a powerful technique for analyzing manufacturing systems, evaluating the impact of system changes, and for making informed decisions.

Specific processes and strategies, such as JIT or Lean, can be modeled and simulated in manufacturing simulation software. This enables effective analysis, and provides an efficient way to experiment and reduce the costs of testing in the real world. AnyLogic helps improve manufacturing processes. It is powerful process simulation software with a specially designed Material Handling Library that simplifies the simulation of complex manufacturing systems and operations. The library helps when designing detailed models of production facilities and managing material workflows. To learn more, get our Material Handling Pack of related videos, case studies, and how-tos, or read our Material Handling Simulation white paper.

Using process simulation software is key to the detailed analysis and effective operation of your organization.

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