Social Process Simulation

Each year millions of dollars are spent on studying the vastly complicated nature of the interactions of people in society. From corporations charting their popularity among key demographics, to governments attempting to meet the changing societal needs of their citizens, the answers to these challenging questions do not come easy. And let’s not forget all the marketing studies created for every new product and service announcement. Despite their ubiquity corporate strategies, not to mention the corporations themselves, live or die based on their accuracy.

Analysis methods like focus groups and targeted studies provide one method of putting some order to the seeming chaos; albeit limited and constrained. The work in finding a focus group that speaks for the population it is meant to represent is time consuming, and large scale studies are costly. Often, the results obtained lead to solutions that lag the dynamically-changing issue they are meant to address. How does one produce timely insights into topics cost-effectively and in a reasonable amount of time? AnyLogic based simulation modeling offers decision makers a level of unparalleled freedom to explore the interactions that drive the most interesting challenges faced by society today. Utilize a synthetic population of simulated agents to forecast the urbanization of an area. Study the effectiveness of an advertising campaign for a new product using existing customer data in weeks instead of months. Let AnyLogic help you tackle the questions you want to answer, and get the results you need.

You can model and simulate:

  • healthcare policy evaluation and scenario testing, including country-scale models.
  • macroeconomic problems and dynamics of the system, including individual economic agent behavior, to shape future developments.
  • environmental problems to choose mitigation policies and evaluate possible outcomes.
  • other social processes, including those related to politics, administration, public opinion, or marketing.

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