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Remaining efficient, productive and profitable is essential for all types of modern mining operations. Doing so requires innovation, both in making the most of existing resources and with the implementation of new technology.

Mine modeling software

Introducing innovation to existing mining operations, or integrating modern technologies into new projects, causes interruptions and delays, not doing so jeopardizes long-term productivity. Mining simulation with AnyLogic offers a way forward, providing mining output statistics and dynamic views of operations for analysis, optimization, and experimentation, all without operational interruption.

Pit optimization

From developing optimal excavation plans based on exploration data to delivering efficiency in processing, AnyLogic helps optimize mining operations. Test what-if scenarios, evaluate mining operations over time, and conduct risk analysis. Throughout a mine, efficiencies can be found.

Modeling constraints on vehicle movement in and around a mine leads to refined routing and scheduling. Evaluating and forecasting equipment utilization allows lease and fleet configuration optimization. Mine phase scenarios can be tested, analyzed, and optimized. Visualizations for presentation and verification provide accessibility for all involved, giving you the power to drive innovation and deliver pit optimization for the long term.

Simulating your mining operations in AnyLogic provides a virtual environment for the analysis, testing, and optimization of mining activities. With the flexibility and power to capture operations, overall and in detail, you can make informed decisions and deliver mining productivity improvement. Mine modeling software offers new insights and gives the freedom to experiment and innovate, without risking interference, to maximize the productivity of your mine, now and into the future. Moreover, AnyLogic features the Fluid Library, a specially designed toolkit that simplifies the simulation of the logistics of bulk materials and mining processes.

Using mine modeling software is the key to detailed analysis and optimizing mining operations in your organization.

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