Online resources for AnyLogic

Online AnyLogic resources

Recent events surrounding the spread of Coronavirus have caused many of us to change our routines and find alternative ways to work and study.

For those of you whose work or study involves AnyLogic, we have gathered a variety of online resources to inspire your simulation modeling — some you may be familiar with; others will be new. Several are also available in different languages.

Our upcoming webinars provide the latest insights into simulation modeling with AnyLogic and relate to current themes as well as software developments. You can find the latest webinar schedule on our events page or, to ensure you stay informed, sign-up for our newsletter and events email — subscribe.

So, beyond the ever-developing blog, take a deep dive into these online resources and level up with AnyLogic. If you know of anything worthwhile that we have missed, tell us in the comments below!

Upcoming webinars


Reading and books

Online groups and channels

Elsewhere, you may also find the Noorjax courses useful, or wish to test your AnyLogic knowledge and contribute to how-to video subtitles – we will get in touch if you tick the box to let us know who you are.

Of course, the events and resources continue to develop. Make sure you check back regularly to stay informed with AnyLogic events and content developments.

We wish you well in these challenging times. And, if you know some good online resources for AnyLogic, share them in the comments below!

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