AnyLogic in Three Days: Modeling and Simulation Textbook


Free modeling and simulation book

This is a practical textbook on AnyLogic simulation software from its developers. This simulation book is designed for use in self-education and in university. The book is ideal for studying computer simulation and modeling with the free AnyLogic Personal Learning Edition. It contains simulation theory and educational examples for all three model-building methods: agent-based modeling, discrete event modeling and system dynamics. The freely supplied software gives readers the ability to follow the steps provided in the tutorials and learn simulation by practice.

This modeling and simulation book can be downloaded as a pdf.

Simulation book contents

The core of the book consists of four practical examples, covering all the main software functionality and allowing the users to get to know the basics of modeling and simulation with AnyLogic.

  • Manufacturing (job shop model)
  • Healthcare (epidemic model)
  • Marketing research (consumer choice model)
  • Pedestrian simulation (airport model)

This book also gives some simulation theory and illustrates different modeling methods. You can consider this textbook as your first guide for studying AnyLogic and simulation.

About the author

Ilya Grigoryev is Head of Training Services at The AnyLogic Company. He is the author of AnyLogic documentation and AnyLogic training courses. He has given numerous public training sessions in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia. Ilya Grigoryev has been a simulation consultant to several organizations. He has been working at The AnyLogic Company for more than twenty years and has a deep and extensive knowledge of simulation and AnyLogic.

Universities using the textbook in simulation courses

  • The United States Military Academy at West Point
  • Keio University
  • Arizona State University
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Tshwane University of Technology
  • University of Technology Sydney
Modeling and Simulation in PDF Simulation Theory Book Modeling and Simulation BookSimulation Textbook


"A great starter book for newbies to simulation modelling, agent based modelling and AnyLogic. "
— Terry Child, Business Manager at Aspire Consulting Ltd
"This book has really helped me grasp the basic concepts and ideas I needed to carry out the simulation project."
— Hector Mendoza, Supply Chain and Logistics Researcher at INTRALOG
"I do like your book as it really shortens the learning process for Anylogic!"
— Daniel R. McCarville, Ph.D. Professor of Practice at Arizona State University
"I found the book well written and completing it was fun."
— Ugo Merlone, Ph.D. Associate Professor at University of Torino
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