AnyLogic 9 overview and roadmap

Upcoming features and functionality for AnyLogic 9 were previewed alongside AnyLogic 8.7 and AnyLogic Cloud developments at the online AnyLogic User Experience with MaxRad Software last Monday.

AnyLogic 9 will be a major update and many new details were revealed during the session from The AnyLogic Company CEO, Andrei Borshchev, Principle Software Engineer, Nikolay Churkov, and Head of AnyLogic Cloud Development, Alexander Rakulenko.

Here is the presentation recording with a follow-up question and answer session. Summary below the video.

AnyLogic 9 overview & roadmap

AnyLogic 9 overview and roadmap presentation recording from the AnyLogic User Experience with MaxRad, October 12th, 2020.


September 2021 and the AnyLogic Conference is the target release date for AnyLogic 9. Until then, AnyLogic 8 and vertical library development will continue, with AnyLogic 8.7 due in November 2020. Cloud updates will continue to iterate throughout, promising API, admin, and reinforcement learning advancements.

AnyLogic 8.7

The next major release of the AnyLogic simulation platform is scheduled to include:

  • Overhead cranes with multiple bridges; API to crane operation
  • Pedestrian library updates, including social distancing
  • Additional DXF support (2010+) and conversion of CAD drawing layers into AnyLogic markup
  • Reinforcement Learning experiment using either Microsoft Bonsai or Pathmind platforms.
  • Animation performance improvement

AnyLogic Cloud

The cloud platform iterates quickly, and the upcoming 2.2 release is set to introduce an updated admin interface and an all-runs download. Soon after and before the end of the year, with the 2.3 release, AnyLogic Cloud users will be able to run simulation models in a reinforcement learning mode and more enterprise features will be added, such as LDAP support.

Looking further along the roadmap, planned OAuth/openID and Kubernetes integrations promise to help expand cloud simulation accessibility and versatility.

AnyLogic 9

The release of version 9 is set to transform model development, simulation, and presentation on the AnyLogic platform. Interface changes are focused on improving the user experience and helping modelers work more quickly and intuitively. The presentation included details of performance improvements, support for multiple scripting languages, BIM and GIS advancements, the new GUI, teamwork support and Git, licensing options, and more:

  • Very large model support (tens of thousands of pedestrians for example)
  • BIM and GIS capabilities including importing of large 3D BIM files and accessing GIS meta information
  • Web UI that makes model development much quicker
  • Teamwork support and deep integration with Git

The section concluded with the announcement of an online AnyLogic 9 IDE prototype from December 2020 that will initially be available for limited community testing.

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