How-to video: simulating multi-level facilities

Simulating multilevel facilities

Since version 8.5, AnyLogic has supported multi-level model simulation. This feature simplifies the modeling of tall buildings, conveyors, or even cruise liners. Simulated levels and their content can be worked on separately, while maintaining a multi-level view of the object.

From this short video guide, you will learn how to:

  • build models of multilevel objects
  • adjust conveyor movement between levels
  • сonnect levels with an elevator.

You can find the Two Level Facility with Lift model from the video in the AnyLogic example models section. For further practice, disassemble it after the video and build your own multilevel facility simulation!

The video model uses elements of the AnyLogic Material Handling Library, a dedicated manufacturing simulation toolkit. Learn about its functionality from a step-by-step tutorial in our Help section. Practice building industrial models using conveyors, industrial robots, and other equipment, as well as:

  • simulating conveyor lines, industrial cranes, processing and assembly stations
  • setting up object animation
  • creating and configuring custom flowcharts
  • dynamically changing objects colors

Check our Material Handling Pack for more videos, case studies, and how-tos!

More about the library – in our manufacturing simulation webinar recording.

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