Getting started with material handling – webinar and MHL Pocket Handbook

Getting started with material handling – webinar and MHL Pocket Handbook

A new way to get started with AnyLogic’s Material Handling Library is now available — the MHL Pocket Handbook. At our Planning & Optimizing AGVs and Conveyors webinar with DSE Consulting, June 2020, attendees were introduced to this new interactive tool for learning MHL blocks. Both the pocket handbook and the webinar also provide sneak peeks at some upcoming AnyLogic 8.6 features.

MHL intro and industrial example

Webinar host Aanand Davé, managing director of DSE Consulting, introduced in-house DSE simulation specialist, Kelvin Yeung, and Jock Richardson, director at agri-tech company Growpura. Together, they demonstrated material handling simulation using AnyLogic and highlighted its use in industry with a model of Growpura’s large-scale hydroponics setup.

During the webinar, Kelvin used the MHL Pocket Handbook to present how each block in the Material Handling Library functions. Designed to give a high-level overview of AnyLogic’s MHL, the interactive learning tool contains simple example models that show the logic and operation of each material handling block. It is ideal for people still learning simulation in AnyLogic and for those interested in the general functionalities of MHL blocks.

Watch the webinar recording below and get up to speed with material handling simulation in AnyLogic, see how it is being used, and find out more about the MHL Pocket Handbook. You will also find information on the upcoming Station and Transporter Fleet blocks that will arrive with AnyLogic 8.6.

Webinar recording

The Planning & Optimizing AGVs and Conveyors webinar from Aanand Davé, Kelvin Yeung, and Jock Richardson.

If you are ready to dive into the MHL Pocket Handbook, you can try it out in the embedded AnyLogic Cloud window below or, if you wish to run it locally, download it directly from DSE Consulting. Try it out! (Those of you who remember either of the games Quake or Portal, may recognize the inspiration behind some of Kelvin’s material handling modeling.)

To learn more about material handling and simulation modeling with AnyLogic, the MHL Pocket Handbook, or anything else from the webinar, please comment below or on the video's YouTube page. You can also get in touch with us directly on our contact page.

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