How to build a true digital twin

How to build a true digital twin Self-Configuring Material Handling Models

Learn how to create a self-configuring material handling digital twin from this webinar recording with accompanying simulation model. Presented by Dr. Benjamin Schumann in three chapters, the webinar covers how to automatically configure machines, products, conveyors, and automatic guided vehicles (AGV).

Material handling problems avoided

Imagine receiving a call from Jeff Bezos — he wants you to simulate a new warehouse facility so that it can be optimally configured. This is the basis of the webinar. Of course, as in the real world, not all goes to plan, and the COVID-19 pandemic causes Mr. Bezos to demand an urgent supply chain reconfiguration. Sounds reasonable, but the problem is that you need to have it simulated and tested already. The methods for achieving the simulation model reconfiguration without causing excess drama are what you learn here. Plus, a little more about AnyLogic’s Material Handling Library capabilities.

Material handling simulation preparation

The webinar makes use of a specially created simulation model that you can use to follow along with or to test and modify. This model, as seen in the recording, features a custom interface from Dr. Benjamin Schumann and Goldratt Research Labs’ Material Design Library.

To get the most from the technical content requires knowledge of basic Java coding and an understanding of object orient programming principles. But, if you’re not ready to dive into the technicalities, you will still see how material handling simulation enables quick reconfigurations and the testing of ideas for production facilities, warehouses, and more. Our Material Handling Pack also offers a collection of materials that introduce the AnyLogic Material Handling Library, how to use it, and how it is being used.

Self-Configuring Material Handling Models

The How to build a true digital twin Self-Configuring Material Handling Models webinar from Dr. Benjamin Schumann.

If you have any questions regarding the webinar, please ask them in the comments below or on the YouTube page. You can also get in touch with us directly if you have any questions in general about the Material Handling Library from our contact us page. And to learn more about developing digital twins, download our Introduction to Digital Twin Development white paper.

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About the presenter

Benjamin Schumann, Ph.D

Benjamin Schumann, Ph.D is a simulation expert with over 10 years of experience applying simulation and AnyLogic. Ben leads his own simulation practice advising global consulting firms as well as industrial and academic clients. Previously, he championed the potential of simulation as a consulting tool with McKinsey & Company, Inc. as well as working for boutique consulting firms as a modeller. Ben holds a PhD in Complex Systems Simulation for Aerospace Design.

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