Rail Library

The AnyLogic Rail Library allows users to efficiently model, simulate, and visualize the operations of rail yards and rail transportation of any complexity and scale. Classification yards, rail yards of large plants, railway stations, rail car repair facilities, subway stations, airport shuttle trains, and even tram networks can be modeled with this library. It also helps users with operations planning, fleet management, and train and maintenance scheduling.

In rail models, trains move according to the logic set in a flowchart, while each railcar and locomotive in a model are agents with their own states and properties. This, along with other libraries’ interoperability, provides capabilities for precise simulations of complex railway systems.

The Rail Library is a toolkit for simulating rail logistics operations. Rail models may be instrumental when planning or redesigning rail networks, analyzing existing networks’ parameters, and allocating resources.

Railroad simulation models are applicable for:

  • Assessing capacity and throughput of railway objects, including yards, stations, and repair facilities.
  • Optimizing the structure and size of a rail car fleet.
  • Maintenance scheduling.
  • Each railcar or locomotive in a model are agents with their own states and properties, and their movement logic is set in the form of flowcharts. Rail topology is specified by space markup shapes, which can either be created manually using AnyLogic graphical editor or uploaded from a database.
  • The library is capable of the automatic calculation of routes and setting switch states as the train moves along the route. Thus, you can detect possible collisions and handle them.
  • The library provides a toolkit to manage train operations, such as sorting, coupling, and decoupling of railcars.
  • By extending rail models with Pedestrian Library and Road Library elements, you can create accurate representations of railway stations, subway stations, and tram networks.
  • AnyLogic contains ready-to-use 3D objects for locomotives, cargo cars, and passenger cars.

Rail Library Interactive Tutorial

This Interactive Tutorial from SimulAi aims to provide a high-level overview of the AnyLogic Rail Library. It uses simplistic examples to demonstrate how each block functions.

It's easy to navigate. Just click on a block you'd like to learn more about and study its animation and logic.

This tutorial is for beginners or those who are interested in general functionalities of the Rail Library.