Webinar: AnyLogic Rail Library — Case Studies, Library Overview and AI Integration

Primarily focused on AnyLogic’s Rail Library and how it is supporting National Rail and HS2 in the adoption of autonomous systems, this webinar will also dive into how the Rail Library works and how it can integrate with AI.

The webinar also features a pocket-guide to the AnyLogic Rail Library, that demonstrates the library’s features, as well as a deep reinforcement learning model which shows how AI can be applied in the rail sector.

Webinar agenda:
  1. Introduction to AnyLogic software, DSE Consulting (SimulAi), and WSP
  2. Developing solutions with AnyLogic’s Rail Library
    • Commercial applications of the AnyLogic Rail Library, including pure visualization and Depot modeling for analysis and validation
    • Extended AnyLogic applications including machine learning
    • Future use cases and how AnyLogic supports existing operational planning expertise
  3. AnyLogic’s Rail Library
  4. Q&A

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