Webinar: AI and Simulation - Project Bonsai End-to-End Workflow

Project Bonsai enables subject matter experts, even those with no AI background, to incorporate their expertise directly into an AI model and teach it how to solve real-world business problems.

This recording showcases how to bring deep reinforcement learning (RL) to practical business applications with AnyLogic and Project Bonsai. In a series of concise and easy-to-follow steps, it demonstrates how an AnyLogic model can be transformed into an RL-ready model and used as the training environment (simulator) in Project Bonsai.

Webinar agenda:
  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • Project Bonsai intro
  • Reinforcement Learning 101
  • AnyLogic and Microsoft collaboration
  • Requirements of RL-ready simulation models
  • Wrapping an AL model for use on the Project Bonsai platform
  • Basics of Inkling - Bonsai's machine teaching language
  • Creating a brain in Bonsai
  • Training the brain (locally or scaling on Azure)
  • Exporting the model and deploying as an Azure app
  • Q&A

The models and additional materials, including the connector and documentation, are available on our Project Bonsai page.

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