Webinar: The Simulation Platform for Applied AI

The intersection of simulation and artificial intelligence (AI) is benefiting the technologies themselves and providing businesses with new insights and decision support.

During this webinar, AnyLogic’s AI Program Lead Dr. Arash Mahdavi and Simulation Specialist Tyler Wolfe-Adam presented simulation and AI concepts and technologies in three main parts:
  • the differences between machine learning (ML) and simulation, including their pros and cons,
  • how ML and simulation complement each other,
  • a demonstration of AnyLogic as a simulation platform for applied AI.
Webinar agenda:
  • Pypeline Overview: what it is and how it can be used
  • Introduction to Simulation Modeling
  • AnyLogic & AnyLogic Cloud Demo
  • Simulation vs. Artificial Intelligence
  • Simulation and Artificial Intelligence
  • Resources

Find out more about the AI integrations in AnyLogic on our dedicated page.

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