White paper: Simulation Modeling in Education and Research

Simulation Modeling for education and research white paper

Why use simulation modeling in education and research? This is the question we answer in our new white paper where we dive into how simulation is used in both teaching and research. If you are conducting research, teaching, or just starting your journey of learning, simulation is a powerful and enlightening tool to work with.

Simulation modeling is, in essence, a learning tool. From its beginnings, in areas such as healthcare, it has been used to gain insight and to teach. With modern simulation taking advantage of powerful computers, the possibilities are now far greater. And they are not limited to such specific domains or expensive setups as those used for airplane pilot training.

As the paper shows, those teaching and researching all kinds of topics already benefit from powerful desktop and cloud-based general simulation modeling. In areas including social dynamics, industrial processes, transportation, healthcare, and public safety, simulation is providing powerful insights and helping demonstrate concepts and ideas.

The paper explores how to choose a simulation modeling tool and provides examples of how laboratories, research institutes, and universities around the world are using simulation. Find out more and see how simulation empowers research and education, download a copy of the paper:

Simulation Modeling for Education and Research white paper

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