Artificial Intelligence and Simulation in Business

White Paper

Artificial intelligence technologies like machine learning are enabling companies to leverage their data and benefit from new insights and efficiencies. The effects are being felt in industries throughout the global economy and will only increase.

Data is key to how artificial technologies work and many of the challenges associated with their application relate to problems with data quantity, quality, or both. Simulation provides an answer and new artificial intelligence solutions, especially in deep reinforcement learning, are making increasing use of general-purpose simulation modeling.

This whitepaper introduces the technologies being used, gives practical and industrial examples, and shows how both simulation and artificial intelligence together make a powerful combination.

To accompany the whitepaper, you will receive an email with links to materials for hands-on experimentation, presentations, and videos that provide a deeper dive into the benefits of AI and simulation in business.


Dr. Arash Mahdavi Simulation Modeling Expert, AnyLogic-AI Integration Lead and head of training at The AnyLogic Company in North America. He holds a PhD degree in civil engineering from Purdue University where he applied a system-of-systems approach and agent-based modeling to profitability analysis of construction companies. Dr. Mahdavi recently authored simulation textbook “The Art of Process-Centric Modeling”. He has trained hundreds of professionals and faculty members from Fortune 100 companies and elite research universities.

Tyler Wolfe-Adam Program Support and AnyLogic-AI Integration Specialist at The AnyLogic Company in North America. He holds a degree in computer science from DePaul University. He is an active member and core contributor to the AnyLogic-AI initiative.