What happened at the AnyLogic Conference 2021?

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The AnyLogic Conference 2021 was online and presented a record number of cutting-edge simulation models from world-leading organizations to 2000 participants from over 100 countries. Starting in the Tokyo morning and continuing non-stop to the Californian afternoon, for 24 hours, on September 23 the conference followed the sun and gave simulation modelers around the world an opportunity to connect and learn simulation modeling at the cutting-edge.

During the conference, the AnyLogic team gave keynotes for AnyLogic 8, AnyLogic 9, and AnyLogic Cloud as well as a technical Python workshop. Presenters from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, China, India, New Zealand, South Africa, and more provided insights from around the world, sharing their experiences from applying AnyLogic simulation in their regions.

AnyLogic Conference 2021 presenters and attendees

AnyLogic Conference 2021 presenters and attendees
During the course of the conference, 2000 attendees from around the world joined sessions and workshops from a global array of presenters. [Click image to enlarge]

The presenting organizations gave insights on a variety of themes: the combination of simulation and artificial intelligence for business applications was the focus of presentations from Accenture and Microsoft. BMW and DHL separately looked deep into optimizing warehouse operations, detailing work on large-scale transporter fleets and operations related to sorting and picking for e-commerce. And GSK and Tata Steel demonstrated how they approached the optimization of their very different kinds of production facilities. By the close of the event, over fifty commercial case studies had been presented.

Cloud-based simulation

Wherever and whenever you joined the conference, content was diverse and engaging. Beyond regular simulation modeling, both Daimler and PwC showed the possibilities of cloud-based simulation modeling.

Daimler presented on how simulation modeling is an indispensable tool for process planning and optimization in high-complexity automotive logistics. They showed how simulation enables the optimization of manual processes and the implementation of fully automated logistics.

PwC’s presentation looked at the technical aspects of simulation modeling and how fine-tuning and balancing various techniques leads to better performance. Factors such as the choice of modeling method, scope, parallel processing, and effective packaging all feature in their ‘How to scale for mass runs and sub-second responses’.

Advancing simulation modeling

Research labs and universities demonstrated their latest findings with themes including AI and energy efficiency. In addition to the conference presentations, workshops provided extra time to dive deeper into a topic. These longer-form sessions included Dr. Benjamin Schumann’s masterclass on ‘how to go from good to great’ and AnyLogic’s ‘Adding Python to Your Simulation Modeling Workflow’.

Importantly, on the topic of advancing simulation modeling, the AnyLogic team presented their newest developments in keynotes for AnyLogic 8, AnyLogic 9, and AnyLogic Cloud. Don't miss them, they are the prime source for those wanting to know the latest features and upcoming technologies for simulation modeling with AnyLogic.

The next AnyLogic Conference

As you can see from our following the sun, being wholly online gave us an opportunity to be creative with the conference format, one that we hope you enjoyed as much as we did. Nevertheless, there are still elements of physically attending an event that cannot be matched online, like networking and meeting new acquaintances. So, for the next conference, we are proposing a hybrid format to capture the best of both worlds, online and offline, with presentation opportunities for APAC, EMEA, and the Americas. Stay tuned for details!

If you were unable to attend, or wish to re-watch, you will find the presentation slides with videos on our conference page. And if you would like to watch from YouTube, here is our playlist of presentation recordings.

Many thanks to all who presented, contributed, and attended! It was a great conference and we are already looking forward to next year and the possibilities for a hybrid conference experience!

Let us know what your highlights are and how you would like to see next year’s conference in the comments below.

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