AnyLogic Conference 2021

September 23

AnyLogic’s eighth annual conference was a great success. Below, you will find all kinds of content from the event.

Truly global, AnyLogic Conference 2021 followed the sun around the world. Over 30 world-leading companies, including Microsoft, Pathmind, Accenture, PwC, Mercedes-Benz, and more, shared simulation experience in a variety of sectors.

The program was built with the most innovative AnyLogic users from industry-leading organizations. Take a look at downloadable presentations and videos.

Thank you to all who attended for making the AnyLogic Conference 2021 so insightful, memorable and successful.


Conference Program

AnyLogic Conference Host: John Yedinak, Managing Director at The AnyLogic Company — North America
Video Presentation Industry Organization PDF
Adding Python to Your Simulation Modeling Workflow: The Pypeline and Alpyne Libraries Artificial Intelligence, Python Connector The AnyLogic Company
From Good to Great: Masterclass in AnyLogic Modelling Best Practices (AnyLogic & AnyLogic Cloud) Benjamin Schumann
The Future of the AnyLogic Community Community Discussion Benjamin Schumann
Don't Try DRL without This: Teaching AI Skills and Strategies Artificial Intelligence Microsoft
Reinforcement Learning for Simulation - Business Advantages and Use Cases Artificial Intelligence Pathmind
An Overview of Applied AI in AnyLogic: Technology Stack and Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence The AnyLogic Company
An Agent-based Simulation Exploration of Satisficing Behaviors in a Complex Financial Economy Social Processes, Economy University of Sydney
System of Systems Modeling to Empower Decision Makers in Drone-based Services - an Application in Agriculture Agriculture BlueKei Solutions
An Agent-based Model to Simulate COVID-19 Spread in Hong Kong Using Secondary Data of Demographic and Travel Characteristics Healthcare, COVID-19 The University of Hong Kong
Combining Simulation and Optimization to Determine Inventory Norms for a Complex Multi-echelon Distribution Network with Limited Shelf Life Products Supply Chain ITC Infotech
Strategic Concept Design of Freight Systems (STRATCODE): An optimization - Simulation Approach Transportation, Environmental Impact  University of Canterbury
Simulating Warehouse Cluster Pick to Validate Productivity and Congestion Warehousing DHL
Simulation Modeling and Assessment Analysis of Case Sortation System for a Warehouse Warehousing DHL
Simulating Batch Pick to Putwall Operation for e-Commerce Warehouses Warehousing DHL
Simulate and Optimize the Utilization of Resources in a Steel Company Lime Plant Feeding Circuit Manufacturing Tata Steel
Green Hydrogen Supply Chains Supply Chain, Energy GHD
Studying the Impacts of Utilizing Different Transportation Methods to Transfer Emergency Cases in Long Distances Transportation, Healthcare Lean Business Services
Modeling Intelligent Control Systems Based on a Digital Platform for the Management of Distributed Energy Systems Energy INTELAB
A Multi-agent Based Simulation for a Meat Cooling Facility’s Participation in the Nordic Electricity Market Energy, Environmental Impact University of Southern Denmark
Novel Simulation Approach in Studying the Impact of Non-pharmaceutical Interventions on the Spread of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia Healthcare, COVID-19 Lean Business Services
Supply Chain Network Optimization using Simulation and Vehicle Routing Optimization Supply Chain, Transportation Goldratt
Emergency Department Crowding Decision Analysis Healthcare Lean Business Services
Modelling Algida Ice Cream Cold Storage Warehouse Operations Warehousing Phoenix Consulting
The Wealth Gap Challenge - An Anylogic Simulation to Explain the Large & Growing Wealth Gap in the World Social Processes, Economy Goldratt
How to Increase Performance of Steel Service Center Manufacturing TBS Consulting
Trust-based Resource Sharing in Distributed Manufacturing Manufacturing EPIC InnoLabs
Simulating and Evaluating the Bullwhip Effect along an End-to-end Semiconductor Automotive Supply Chain amid COVID-19 Crisis Supply Chain Infineon Technologies AG
Agent-Based Model to Design and Support E-Mobility Transformation for Municipal Vehicle Fleets Transportation SimPlan AG
Simulation as a Decision Supporting Tool in Intralogistics Automation Manufacturing, Logistics Mercedes-Benz AG (Daimler)
Modeling Social Behavior on Energy Consumption – an Agent-based with Multivariate Regression Approach Energy, Environmental Impact Noorjax
Optimizing Large-scale Transporter-fleet-operations​ Warehousing, Transportation BMW
Agent-based Optimal Energy Flow of Integrated Energy System Energy University College London (UK)
AI and Simulation for Maritime Terminal Management Ports & Terminals, Artificial Intelligence MEVB
Analysis of the Vulnerabilities of a Metro Station under Terrorist Attacks Security, Emergency Planning, Passenger Terminals STAM
Simulation of Manufacturing Operation of a New Pharma Facility Concept to Support Key Design Decision Manufacturing, Healthcare GSK & Decision Lab
Combining Discrete Event Modelling with Personalised Operation Duration Predictions to Optimise Planning and Improve the Productivity of Surgical Pathways Healthcare TCC Casemix
Performance Evaluation Tool for Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) Manufacturing Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. & MCE s.r.l.
Flattening the Emotional Curve with New AI systems: Computer Simulation as a Tool for Policymakers and Stakeholders in Times of Crisis Healthcare, Social Processes, Artificial Intelligence ALAN Analytics
Using Reinforcement Learning to Solve a Variation of the 3D Bin Packing Problem Artificial Intelligence Decision Lab
AnyLogic 8 New Features. Python in AnyLogic (R&D) Simulation Software The AnyLogic Company
AnyLogic 9 Features & Demo. AnyLogic Cloud Simulation Software The AnyLogic Company
Production Scheduling Tool for Metal Meshes Factory Manufacturing  Eurystic S.R.L.
Scaling AnyLogic Models for Mass Runs and Sub-Second Responses Best Practices (AnyLogic & AnyLogic Cloud) PWC
Tire Factory Simulation for Resource Capacity, Schedules and Investments Analysis Manufacturing  Eurystic S.R.L.
Future Proofing Complex Automation Infrastructure at Vendasta Business Processes, Marketing   Vendasta
Supply Chain Digital Twin for Order To Delivery Forecasting Supply Chain Accenture
A Software Library for Agent-based Modeling and Simulation of Active Shooting Events Security, Emergency Planning, Modeling Technique Purdue
Designing and Simulating a Multi-depot Omnichannel Last-mile Delivery Operation using a VRP Solver and AnyLogic Supply Chain, Transportations Lojas Renner SA
A Digital Twin of the Vancouver Longshore Labour Dispatch Human Resources, Ports & Terminals BCMEA
Cement Supply Scheduling in the Eastern Caribbean through Agent-based Simulation Model in AnyLogic Logistics Cementos Argos S.A.
Simulation of Disease Progression for Drug Forecasting Healthcare Astellas
Optimization and Simulation Model for a Coal Mine Mining Genoa
Versatility of Simulation in Contemporary Research and Development Academic Research The University of Tennessee Knoxville
Agent-based Modeling for Bus Bunching Analysis in Public Transit and Impacts of Regulation Methods in Quebec City Transportaion Réseau de Transport de la Capitale & SimWell
Real-time Health Policy Support of COVID Pandemic Healthcare, COVID-19 Kreuger Consulting, LLC
Simulation of Behavior Economics Theory as Applied to Organizations Social Processes, Economics Astellas
Automatic Generation of Simulation Models Using Process Templates Insurance, Modeling Technique AIG
Combining a Digital Twin and Collaborative Design at the Montreal International Airport to Create a Smart Baggage Handling System (BHS) Passenger Terminals GSS and Montreal Airport (ADM)
Simulating Off-site Construction Factories to Deliver Energy-efficient Modular Buildings Construction, Digital Twin, Energy, Environmental Impact NREL
Applying Reinforcement Learning to Industry 4.0 Flexible Manufacturing Systems Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence Pathmind & Noorjax
Simulating Parcel Logistics Network at Scale Logistics Pitney Bowes

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