AnyLogic Conference 2022

September 29

AnyLogic’s ninth annual conference was a great success. Below, you will find all kinds of content from the event.

The conference brought together over 1,000 participants from more than 80 countries with almost 24 hours of live streaming. Over 20 world-leading companies, including Meta, PwC, Domino's Pizza, Netherland Railways, GHD & NSW Ports, Decision Lab & NHS Gloucestershire, and more shared simulation experience in a variety of sectors.

The program was built with the most innovative AnyLogic users from industry-leading organizations. Take a look at downloadable presentations and videos.

Thank you to all who attended for making the AnyLogic Conference 2022 so insightful, memorable and successful.


Conference Program

Video Presentation Industry Organization PDF
Using AnyLogic-based Simulation Capabilities to Create Optimal Store Layouts and Inform Labour Scheduling Decisions Business Processes, Digital Twins, F&B Industry Domino's Pizza
Future-proofing Container Port Supply Chains Using Simulation Ports & Terminals, Supply Chain GHD & NWS Ports
Workshop: Build on Sand? How to Structure Your Models So They Never Crumble Best Practices, Modeling Technique Benjamin Shchumann Consulting
Process Simulation for the Optimization of a Construction Site Layout for a Tunnel Drive with a Tunnel Boring Machine Construction Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Pedestrian and Traffic Management Simulation Study Traffic Simulation, Pedestrian Flows Jaco-Ben Consulting
Virtual Demonstration of Decentralized Energy Management - a Digital Twin for Highly Efficient & Sustainable Districts Energy, Enviromental Impact EIFER (European Institute of Energy research by EDF and KIT)
Simulation in Cell Therapy Industry Healthcare logico
Modelling Checkouts Behavior to Support a Retailer’s Stores Operations Design Retail LTP Labs
How Automation is Transforming Construction: AnyLogic Modelling of Truss Fabrication Construction Bryden Wood
Job Shop Scheduling with Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Production, Artificial Intelligence ProSim GmbH
Optimizing the Assignment of Parcels to Trays on a Tilt-tray Conveyor System Using Mathematical Programming and Simulation Warehouse Operation Noorjax Consulting
All-around Model of a Logistics Centre for Simulating Forecasts Warehouse Operation EPIC Innolabs
Simulation for Disrupted Railway Operations Transportation Netherlands Railways
AnyLogic 8: What's New Simulation Software The AnyLogic Company
The Importance of Model Operations in Today’s AI Driven Modelverse Best Practices, Artificial Intelligence PwC
NHS Hospital Digital Twin for Better Resourcing and Care in Dynamic Situations Healthcare Decision Lab & NHS
AnyLogic 9 and AnyLogic Cloud Demo and Plans Simulation Software The AnyLogic Company
Micro-Fulfillment Modeling Warehouse Operation Dematic
Using Simulation to Optimize New Hyperscale Data Centers Designs for Rack Delivery Workflow Business Processes Meta
Toward Digital Transformation: Enterprise Simulation within the AnyLogic Ecosystem Simulation Software, Digital Twins, Modeling Technique The AnyLogic Company
Integrating Demand Planning and Production Optimization in a Cloud Service Production ITE-Consult
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Campus Parking Analysis Road Traffic MOSIMTEC
Digital Twin as a Solution for Major Operations and Business Challenges Supply Chain, Digital Twin VP Consulting & Estafeta
Simulation and Optimization of Sand Supply in Fracking Operations Logistics, Oil & Gas Eurystic & Tecpetrol
Optimization of a Reverse Logistics Supply Chain with an End-to-end Digital Twin Solution Logistics, Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence SimWell US / RPM Eco
A Generic Open Pit Mine Load & Haul Model and Event Emulator for Exploring the Utilization of Alternative Haulage Vehicles’ Fuel Sources and Validating Optimization Solutions Mining Komatsu Mining Technology Solutions
How to Start Enterprise Level Simulations Best Practices PwC
Use of Simulation and AI to Build Digital Twins for Insurance Applications Insurance CSAA Insurance Group

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