The AnyLogic Conference 2018

April 18-19
Baltimore, MD, USA

AnyLogic’s sixth annual conference was a great success. Below, you will find all kinds of content from the event. Take a look at downloadable presentations, videos and photos. You can also catch up on our conferences in the blog.

Thank you to all who attended for making the AnyLogic Conference 2018 so insightful, memorable and successful.


Conference presentations

Video Presentation Industry Organizaton PDF
Promoting Collaborative Innovation Networks (Nabil Raad, Director, Product Development Analytics) Business Processes Ford
Guiding Capacity Expansion Strategies with Intermodal Facility Simulation (Mike Prince, Manager, Operations Research) Rail BNSF
Integrating Artificial Intelligence with Simulation Modeling (Lyle Wallis, Advisory Analytics Director) AI (Artificial Intelligence) PWC
Using 3 Simulation Models to Improve Throughput and Supply Reliability for an Integrated Steel Supply Chain (Dr. Alan Barnard, CEO & Jaco-Ben Vosloo, Director Simulation and Technologies) Supply Chains Goldratt
Identifying the Impact Ridesharing and Autonomous Vehicles will have on Mobility in a City (Oliver Bandte, PhD, Principal Data Scientist) City Planning Boston Consulting Group
Well Construction Process Modeling and Simulation (Jason Baker, Sr. Systems Engineer) Oil & Gas TransOcean
Assessing Crew Temporal Variability During U.S. Navy Shipboard Operations (Kevin Muhs, PhD Student) Defense University of Central Florida
Evaluating Different Maintenance Policies Through A Digital Copy of The Manufacturing Process: The CNH Industrial Case (Luigi Manca, Project Delivery COO, Fair Dynamics Consulting Unit) Manufacturing Fair Dynamics
AnyLogic 8.3, AnyLogic Cloud, and the AnyLogic Roadmap (Dr. Andrei Borshchev, CEO & Nikolay Churkov, Head of Software Development) Simulation software AnyLogic
anyLogistix Supply Chain Software: New Features and Roadmap (Timofey Popkov, Director of Business Development & Anatoly Zherebtsov, Head of anyLogistix Development) Simulation software anyLogistix
Digital Twin — Agent-based Turbine Operations & Maintenance (ATOM) (Dr. Amrith Surendra, Senior Consultant & Vitor Lemos: Simulation Modeling Consultant) Business Processes decision-lab.png
ERP Emulator to Conduct Supply-chain Diagnostics (Jeffrey Brelsford, Co-Founder) Supply Chains Mosimtec
Simulation — Monsanto's Journey to Industry 4.0 (Shrikant Jarugumilli, PhD, Operations Research Lead, Global IT — Analytics, Products & Engineering & Anuradha Raman, Functional IT Lead, Supply Chain Production) Agriculture Monsanto
Healthcare Model — A Simulation Study (Scott Hebert, Vice President, Engineering and Data Science) Healthcare Sterling Simulation
anyLogistix Case Studies (Commercial & Humanitarian Logistics) (Dr. Robert de Souza, Executive Director of The Logistics Institute — Asia Pacific, National University of Singapore) Logistics National University of Singapore
Modeling the Supply Chain using Anylogic Simulation and MILP mathematical optimization Supply Chains Intel


Using the New AnyLogic Material Handling Library and Running Complex Simulation Experiments in the Cloud

Dr. Andrei Borshchev, CEO & Nikolay Churkov, Head of Software Development at The AnyLogic Company, and Arash Mahdavi, Simulation Modeling Consultant, AnyLogic North America

Andrei Borshchev

The workshop is built around the new features of AnyLogic 8.3 coming April 2018. We will demonstrate the new AnyLogic Material Handling Library and show how to model and simulate sophisticated conveyor networks and AGVs. We will also showcase the new AnyLogic browser-based front-end that replaces the Java implementation, explaining how to take advantage of AnyLogic Cloud when running complex multiple-run experiments such as Monte-Carlo and Parameter Variation. As usual, we will answer attendee questions and go through some useful how-to’s. Watch>>

anyLogistix: From Supply Chain Optimization to Dynamic Simulation

Timofey Popkov, Director of Business Development at The AnyLogic Company

Timofey Popkov

anyLogistix combines analytical optimization together with unmatched simulation technology for precise end-to-end supply chain analysis. While Network Optimization has been used for decades to design supply chains, Dynamic Simulation is still a “know unknown” in the area. During this workshop you will learn how you can benefit from using these approaches in unison to innovate your supply chain — how to convert optimization results into simulation scenarios and realize the advantages of simulation technology. Watch>>

Best practices in AnyLogic

Benjamin Schumann, Ph.D., Senior Analytics Fellow

Benjamin Schumann

After uncovering the hidden gems of AnyLogic at the last conference, Ben continues his quest to improve your AnyLogic experience. This time, let's explore his list of best practices for model-building, based on his years of experience. Make these your habit and you will avoid sweat, tears and unnecessary delays. As usual, any skill level will benefit:

  • For beginners, we will delve into the core steps you should follow to ensure your model doesn't crumble over time.
  • For advanced users, we will define habits to follow that will keep you sane.
  • And for experts, we will introduce some cool ideas around co-development and proper testing.


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