AnyLogic Conference 2013

December 12
Washington DC, USA

Сonference program

Video Presentation Industry Organizaton pdf
Shaping healthcare policy: using simulation to find what works (Neil McEvoy) Healthcare toronto.png
Simulation used in plant capacity planning and operational support (Shanshan Wang) Manufacturing General_Electric.png
Disaster response applications using Agent Based Modeling (Joseph Simkins) Defense
Distribution network planning and inventory management optimization supported by simulation model (Andrey Malykhanov) Supply chains
Modeling an optimal promotional strategy for the upcoming launch of a pharmaceutical product (Jean-Patrick Tsang) Marketing Bayser.png
Live demonstration of AnyLogic 7 (Andrei Borshchev, Nikolay Churkov) Simulation software AnyLogic.png
Maximizing profitability of inventory investments when product demand is deeply uncertain (web based solution) (Lyle Wallis) Marketing DecisioTech.png
Application of AnyLogic to Railroad Operations Analysis (Rogher Baugher) Rail operations TrAnalytics, LLC
Simulation modeling based on healthcare routine data (Patrick Einzinger, Christoph Urach)
Healthcare dwh2.png
Logistics network design: rethinking the structure to support shifting demand and business growth (Anatoly Zherebtsov)
Logistics AnyLogic.png
Experience Navigator: Learn why customers love, like or loathe you... Design to win their hearts, minds, and wallets (Mark Paich) Marketing PricewaterhouseCoopers.png
Modeling operations at pharmaceutical distribution warehouses (Brian Heath) Healthcare cardinal-health.png
Linking policy, services, and individual health decisions with hybrid models (Geoff McDonell) Healthcare unsw.png

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