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How would you rate your knowledge of system dynamics? From complete beginner to advanced and beyond, Felipe Haro’s new System Dynamics Course has you covered. With options for students, professionals, and even for ongoing personal project support, Felipe’s offering is both wide-ranging and comprehensive.

As a Master of System Dynamics and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with many years of professional experience, Felipe Haro backs theory with practical knowledge and good practice. His course features a wide variety of examples and sets exercises and assignments to help consolidate learning. Furthermore, for those who wish, a certificate is available on completion of a final project.

Felipe's System Dynamics with AnyLogic course enables you to:

  • Understand the mathematical background of System Dynamics theory
  • Learn how to develop conceptual models using causal loop diagrams
  • Learn the System Dynamic building blocks
  • Learn good practice concepts for building robust models
  • Employ generic structures and archetypes on your projects
  • Use experiments to validate and optimize your models
  • Learn functions to simplify model development and to understand the models behind these functions
  • Integrate databases and populate your models
  • Use special AnyLogic techniques to improve the functionality of your SD models
  • Integrate System Dynamics with other simulation methods

Felipe Haro introduces his online System Dynamics with AnyLogic course.

At AnyLogic, system dynamics fits into our multi-method simulation environment alongside agent-based and discrete event modeling. It is often useful for long-term and strategic modeling and simulation. AnyLogic allows the capture of complex systems and for their reuse as objects in complex simulations, as well as across projects. This course helps learn these aspects of multi-method simulation modeling alongside learning system dynamics.

Until March 7, 2020, you can receive a 10% discount. Students may also request an additional discount directly from Felipe. For details, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Felipe also has many other learning resources for AnyLogic, including Discrete Events and Agent Based Modeling, 1-to-1 courses, and fluid library instruction. You can contact Felipe on his website or find him on StackOverflow, where he is ranked a top user for AnyLogic.

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