Learn Java for AnyLogic!

Java course for AnyLogic

This is a guest post from Jaco-Ben Vosloo and Vitor Lemos, co-founders of The AnyLogic Modeler.

While you may have heard of Python scripting in AnyLogic, Java is the original, and currently the only fully-supported, scripting language. Knowing a little Java can really level up your simulation modeling in AnyLogic. The course introduced here is a new way to gain that knowledge.

Adapted from a post originally appearing on The AnyLogic Modeler.

The Java for AnyLogic course is for beginner to intermediate AnyLogic users who want to learn how to use the Java programming language and Object-Oriented Programming principles to more quickly make better and more efficient models.

Online Java course for AnyLogic

The course is structured from simple topics, like variables in Java, to more complex ideas, such as Class Inheritance. You will start by learning the basics of Java and then move on to more complex features, like data structures, and finish by learning and implementing complex concepts, such as Inheritance, polymorphism, and other Java features that extend AnyLogic's capabilities.

Course introduction video: Java for AnyLogic

This course is the first part of a series aimed at providing a solid Java programming skill set to AnyLogic users. Learning Java helps produce more robust, extendable, and reliable models for solving complex problems.

If you are interested in taking the course, you will find it on Udemy:

Java for AnyLogic Course

For academic and student enquiries, please contact The AnyLogic Modeler to inquire about available discounts.

Further AnyLogic learning

If you want to learn more tips and tricks from Jaco-Ben, and fellow simulation modeler Vitor Lemos, check out their blog about building better models in AnyLogic on their website: The AnyLogic Modeler. You can also keep up with their tips, tricks and insights by following them on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

AnyLogic Personal Learning Edition (PLE) is the free version of AnyLogic without time limitations. It is ideal for leaning the art of simulation modeling. If you are just beginning with AnyLogic, don’t miss our Getting Started page and make sure to check out the AnyLogic communities.

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