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AnyLogic Personal Learning Edition

AnyLogic is the only general-purpose multimethod simulation modeling software.

AnyLogic Personal Learning Edition (PLE) is provided at no cost for the purposes of education and self-education. Academics and industry specialists around the globe use this free simulation software to teach, learn, and explore the world of simulation. Join them at no cost today!

• Free permanent license

• Advanced functionality

• Free upgrades forever

• Free textbook for learning


Why choose the free AnyLogic PLE?

Multimethod Simulation Modeling

AnyLogic is the only software that combines discrete event, system dynamics, and agent-based simulation methods. This makes it the perfect tool to introduce yourself or your students to the principles of simulation and all modern modeling approaches, and teach them to choose the right abstraction level.

Linking GIS and Simulation

An exceptional feature of AnyLogic software is its integration with GIS technologies. The support of tile-based maps from free online providers allows users to obtain spatial data from maps, calculate routes on-the-fly, move agents on real roads, and create models of geographical systems in just a few clicks.

Multipurpose Simulation Software

AnyLogic is a flexible modeling tool: it allows users to simulate problems in any kind of industry, including supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and many more. Thanks to its unique adaptability, AnyLogic alone can substitute for many other tools.

Support of 2D and 3D Animation

AnyLogic allows users to easily develop visually rich, interactive models that can feature 2D and 3D animation. Images and 3D models for animation are included in the software, and you can upload your own ones as well. Animation will help you verify your models and better understand the processes inside.

Easy to Use Libraries

AnyLogic’s visual development environment speeds up the model building process. Prebuilt object libraries allow users to create models by dragging and dropping elements from palettes. AnyLogic’s special industry libraries include road traffic, pedestrian dynamics, rail yard, and fluid libraries. You can create your own reusable modules and construct custom libraries.

Export and Share Models

AnyLogic models are completely separable from the development environment. AnyLogic PLE allows models to be exported as Java applets to the website, where they can be shared with the community or kept private. An ideal instrument for distributing your models online!


Free Simulation Textbook

Free Simulation Modeling Textbook

In addition to the free simulation software, we supply learners with a free book! AnyLogic in Three Days, the practical tutorial book from the software developers, is designed for use in self-education and university environments. It is ideal for studying modeling and simulation along with the free AnyLogic PLE.

It contains learning examples of all three modeling methods: • Agent-based • Discrete event • System dynamics

The link to the book can be accessed from the AnyLogic software welcome screen.

What our users say

Andrey Semenov

Deloitte & Touche CIS

In my opinion, AnyLogic is one of the most powerful simulation tools on the market, that can be applied for modeling across a wide range of industries, such as supply chains, warehouses, or ports.

Amr Kandil

Purdue University

The biggest advantages of AnyLogic are the availability of different simulation methods in one platform and the ability to create multimethod simulations.

Jay Ta'ala

BHP Billiton Iron Ore

AnyLogic was the clear choice after comprehensive evaluation of multiple systems and further prototyping in those that were shortlisted. Furthermore, it continues to impress the deeper we get. There's no doubt the right simulation and modelling tool was selected for the majority of our current and future needs.

Dietmar Neubacher

Graz University of Technology

I use multimethod modeling and simulation, and AnyLogic is the most powerful tool in business modeling and simulation. I educate at least 20-30 students every term in AnyLogic. I can point out good tutorials and example models, and connectivity of different techniques as main advantages of the product.

Dr. Mark Paich


I go back with AnyLogic to the very beginning: over ten years now. Ten years ago, AnyLogic was what I call the only industrial strength product that had a hope of doing both system dynamics, agent based, and discrete event in one package. As best as I can tell, it’s still the only package that has that capability.

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