How-to video: 3D animation

2D is good, but how good is 3D? That’s a question you may be able to answer after watching this how-to video.

In the video, on adding 3D animation to your AnyLogic model, you will learn how to create a 3D scene, apply custom 3D animation to an agent, and add 3D objects. You will also discover how easy it is to navigate this scene. Take a look at this simple model as an example of what can be done in 3D.

Multiple 3D windows and cameras (source files available)

Then, learn about how cameras and camera locations can give unique and interesting perspectives and may offer the best viewpoint in order to understand what exactly is happening in detail. Take a look at this interesting model below with numerous camera angles.

Container terminal

Finally, add a light source to make everything bright and clear as illustrated in this model below.

Examples of lights in 3D scene (source files available)

So, let’s get into the video and see how it is possible to do all these things.

3D animation

Hopefully after watching this video, it is clearer how to create a 3D animation. If you would like to read more about the process and find some extra information, try our help section. You should be able to find everything you want there. Also, don’t forget to check out more how-to videos on our YouTube channel.

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