How-to video: Generating 3D objects of different colors

How can you define different colors for 3D objects in AnyLogic? This video will show a flexible approach for changing the colors of the cars in the 3D gas station example model that comes included with AnyLogic. You will learn how to define a random color for an object from the 140 standard AnyLogic colors and how to create a list of your own possible colors.

Generating 3D objects of different colors

That is not all! We have previously posted a video on a related topic. It also shows how to create cars of different colors but is less straightforward. The approach is longer and more intricate because it requires creating agent (car) types. However, it has the advantage of working for both 2D and 3D model animations.

Creating cars of different colors

If you found the video helpful and are looking to learn more tips and tricks for using AnyLogic, be sure to check out our other How-to videos on our YouTube channel. To help understanding for a wide audience, you will find that most of them also have subtitles in a variety of languages.

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