AnyLogic 9 developments - new interface and toolbar

On September 23, at the AnyLogic conference we are previewing a major new version of our flagship product AnyLogic – AnyLogic 9. The interface is being entirely redesigned and will be browser-based so that you have a common user experience on desktop and cloud. The updated interface and other new features will be demonstrated to all who attend. Join us for the demonstration at the conference, a live follow-the-sun online event that is free to attend. Register now!

Before the conference, we launched a series of blog posts on how we are making AnyLogic 9 more user-friendly. We have already talked about the full integration of the program with AnyLogic Cloud and new mechanics for working with process diagrams. Today we will show how the new version of the toolbar differs from the current one.

Please note that some of the updates we talk about will be implemented later, as AnyLogic 9 iterates.


The new toolbar will allow you to display the working mode, such as navigating through the model, or drawing and placing objects. It will also give faster access to popular AnyLogic functions and the launching of models in AnyLogic Cloud. In AnyLogic 9, the panel can be customized so that you can easy access to the objects you use most often.

Toolbar appearance – old versus new:

Toolbar in AnyLogic 8

AnyLogic 8's toolbar.

Toolbar in AnyLogic 9

Toolbar in AnyLogic 9.

The left side of the panel contains the main functionality: AnyLogic settings, search by model and within the program, display of the current working mode. In the same area, you will find elements from the Agent palette, for example, a parameter, variable, or event, so that it is more convenient to access them. From here, the user will also be able to control the view-areas in the model.

AnyLogic 9 users will be able to upload model changes to AnyLogic Cloud in one click. To do this, we placed the transfer buttons on the right side of the panel, as well as the model-launch button. From here, you can also go to the model page to see the list of experiments in AnyLogic Cloud.


In the new version, we will simplify orientation and search in the palette: we will separate the industry libraries from other elements and add the ability to search within the palette. This allows users to quickly find the items they want when creating models.

Right now, we are working on other changes in AnyLogic that will be included in the new version. We will show all these developments at our conference in September, join us! In the meantime, let's see the new interface in action! Share your impressions in the comments below.

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