AnyLogic 9 developments - AnyLogic Cloud Integration

AnyLogic 9, the new version of our popular simulation tool, is in development and we will be showing it in September at our annual simulation modeling event - the AnyLogic Conference. Here, we continue our preview updates for AnyLogic 9.

We have already shown how we can make it easier for users to create and edit process diagrams. In this article, you will find, perhaps, the most important difference between AnyLogic 9 and previous versions – cloud platform integration.

AnyLogic users can already run models created in AnyLogic on the AnyLogic Cloud web platform by uploading them there. Models hosted in AnyLogic Cloud allow you to work with them on any online device with a browser. Already, more than 10 thousand people use the platform.

With the release of the AnyLogic 9, we will fully integrate the web-based cloud platform and AnyLogic with each other. Users will be able to go directly from AnyLogic Cloud into the AnyLogic 9 web interface to start creating and editing models. When ready, the model can be made available immediately in the Cloud. Integration will make the process of creating models easier and faster, allowing:

  • storage of models and their versions in the cloud, to be edited from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone;
  • acceleration of large models and complex experiments using cloud computing power;
  • storage and organization of scripts and launch parameters, as well as the visual comparison of experiment results;
  • creation of custom reports based on the results of experiments;
  • sharing of models, experiment results, and reports with colleagues online, even if they don't have AnyLogic installed.
AnyLogic Cloud Features: Scenario Comparison and Custom Reporting

Before the launch of AnyLogic 9, this functionality will be made available to those who have an AnyLogic Cloud subscription.

To learn more about AnyLogic 9, be sure to join us at the free online AnyLogic Conference this September 23rd. Join us!

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