AnyLogic 8.1 and AnyLogic Cloud: new features

model library view blog.jpg

AnyLogic 8.1 is released. The online service AnyLogic Cloud has also been updated and these features allow users to: 

  • ”Like” models , send personal messages to other users, and in the next few days you will be able to leave comments on models.

  • Upload model source files along with your model and grant access to other developers. In the next few days, you will be able to make a public model’s source files accessible in the public model library. 
  • View statecharts, flowcharts, and system dynamics elements in Cloud-based model animation.
  • Run your model with vector 3D animation including pan and zoom. The Cloud now supports most of the markup elements and standard 3D animation elements.  Support of shapes from the 3D Objects panel is under development.
To access most of these features, you need to update to AnyLogic 8.1 and upload your models to the Cloud using AnyLogic 8.1. Download the new version!

Need help utilizing AnyLogic Cloud? Watch this short How-To Video and quickly learn how to upload, share, and run experiments on your models in the Cloud.

Join the users who have uploaded over 750 models to the cloud including 118 publicly available models!

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