Winter Simulation Conference 2020 and AnyLogic

AnyLogic 9 at WinterSim 2020

The Winter Simulation Conference from INFORMS is a major event each year in the simulation modeling calendar. The event brings together leading simulation modeling practitioners, academics, and software vendors.

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Case study simulation tool usage

AnyLogic simulation software is a longstanding favorite at the conference, with the software featuring in more case studies than any other simulation modeling tool. A review of the case studies presented at Winter Sim 2020 shows the trend continuing. Of the tools cited, both open-source and commercial, AnyLogic features in 32% of case studies. Python-based tools are in second place at 25%, reflecting the increasing use of libraries developed in the language for data handling, presentation, and machine learning. The AnyLogic Company is actively supporting and developing Python integrations and connectors for both AnyLogic (such as Pypline) and AnyLogic Cloud (API) – a process that AnyLogic 9 will take even further.

WinterSim Presentations

Presented in the AnyLogic Company’s key Winter Simulation Conference 2020 presentation, AnyLogic 9 will feature both Java and Python scripting languages. You can learn about these developments and more in the AnyLogic 9 preview blog from the event.

Other sessions from AnyLogic at the Winter Simulation Conference included a presentation that showcased an integrated environment for the entire model lifecycle – AnyLogic Cloud. The presentation dives into the family of products that come under the AnyLogic Cloud banner. These products allow custom dashboards, API model interactions and data access, as well as integrations with machine learning, custom solvers, algorithms, and optimization engines. Learn more in our advanced simulation platform blog or see the Winter Simulation Conference presentation with Q&A recording.

WinterSim Workshop

AnyLogic as the simulation platform for AI was the focus of the workshop by AnyLogic AI Program Lead Arash Mahdavi. The workshop compares simulation and AI, highlighting areas they complement each other and how they combine for new possibilities. With demonstrations from simulation modeling specialist Tyler Wolfe-Adam, the workshop shows how combined simulation and AI can serve three main functions:

  • Synthetic data generation
  • Environments for machine learning
  • Testing trained AI agents

Find out more in the Simulation Platform for Applied AI workshop write-up or jump straight into the session recording.

WinterSim Academic articles

The Academic Articles section of the AnyLogic website features papers from the Winter Simulation Conference 2020. The articles cover a wide variety of topics and include many insights into the application of simulation in industry. For example, following the Tata Steel Increased throughput presentation at the AnyLogic Indian Conference in 2019, the team presented how they have applied Microsoft Bonsai AI with AnyLogic to improve crane scheduling.

For Walmart, Mosimtec again showed how they can help improve operations at the retail corporation. Following the impressive material handling system presented a year earlier, Mosimtec’s latest Walmart project simulated an automated breakpack system to help improve warehouse efficiency. See the model in action in their presentation recording or learn more in the Simulating an Automated Breakpack System to Improve Warehouse Efficiency and Operations paper.

The content from the Winter Simulation Conference 2020 was wide-ranging and insightful — just take look at the papers in our Academic Articles section! We thank all who took part in the conference and look forward to the community meeting again soon!

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