Visagio Uses AnyLogic for Simulation Modeling Projects

We have much pleasure in announcing that Anylogic has partnered with the international consultancy firm Visagio. Visagio is a fast growing operational implementation specialist with offices in Brazil, UK, Russia, Turkey and Australia. Visagio will be enhancing its client projects by employing AnyLogic's solution set, particularly the necessary methods and modelling language needed to simulate even the most complex operational situations prior to optimizing them.

Moreover, AnyLogic will be leveraging Visagio's considerable experience in the field of supply chain management in the development of anyLogistix, the only multi-method software for supply chain optimization, powered by AnyLogic. This solution set provides the highest standards of supply chain analysis, combining traditional analytical methods of optimization and innovative simulation technology, enabling the modelling of supply chains at any level of detail and thereby leading to the most effective improvement and transformation in supply chain efficiency.

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