Video: simulation and reinforcement learning – panel discussion

In this panel discussion that took place at the AnyLogic Conference 2019, leading simulation and artificial intelligence practitioners give a broad range of views and insight on how the two technologies are combining to powerful effect.

The concepts and the business case for using simulation with reinforcement learning are highlighted by the panelists as they discuss a series of questions from Dr. Anand Rao, PwC Partner and Global AI Lead. With commercial examples that highlight the successes and the challenges of working with the technologies, the participants demonstrate that simulation and deep reinforcement learning are especially compatible.

Simulation can provide environments and data for reinforcement learning, helping overcome the challenges of data provision, both in quantity and quality. While, on the flipside, deep reinforcement learning is providing simulation professionals with a powerful tool for supporting analysis and decision making.

Here is the recording of the session from the 2019 AnyLogic Conference. It’s not the shortest video on our YouTube Channel but it is interesting and informative — cast it to a big screen if you can! Enjoy!

Next gen AI: Agent-based simulation + Reinforcement Learning.

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