Material handling dev sneak-peek and industry demo

Hosted by simulation experts at MaxRad Software, the AnyLogic User Experience online sessions showcased AnyLogic simulation applications across multiple industries. Among business cases presented at the sessions were projects related to warehouse operations and material handling.

Guests from John Deere India, the world's leading manufacturer of agricultural, construction, and forestry equipment, shared their expertise in construction site operations modeling and digital twin development.

Anastasia Zhilaeva, The AnyLogic Company
Anastasia Zhilaeva,
Senior Simulation Engineer

Industry experts from Tata Steel gave insight into how AnyLogic industry-specific libraries had helped them achieve business goals. With the Road Traffic and Process Modeling libraries, they built a simulation model of one of their works areas and solved logistics problems there using insights from the simulation. Furthermore, Tata Steel use AnyLogic’s general applicability throughout their operations. They have optimized a plant’s internal logistics system to increase overall throughput. And, for crane and ladle handling simulation, Tata Steel experts made use of the Material Handling Library.

The User Experience Session case studies were followed by an overview of the Material Handling Library’s current and upcoming features. The AnyLogic Company development team representatives Anastasiia Zhiliaeva and Roman Guralnik explained how these features would improve the model building process.

In the last session, Anastasiia Zhiliaeva and Mikhail Kolotov highlighted key AnyLogic features that support warehouse modeling. As a preview, they also introduced the upcoming rack system markup and flowchart elements before demonstrating a simple warehouse model structure in AnyLogic.

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