Using Simulation to Tackle Added Constraints on a Complex Earthmoving and Construction Project

Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) is the largest construction company in the Middle East and ranks #18 internationally. Its portfolio includes oil and gas plants, refineries and petrochemical facilities, pipelines, power and desalination plants, light industries, water and sewage treatment plants, airports and seaports, heavy civil works, dams, reservoirs and distribution systems, road networks and skyscrapers. CCT International (CCT) is the primary technology provider for CCC since 1998. CCT also develops and markets solutions for the construction industry with clients all over the world.

The benefits of the CCC and CCT collaboration were very apparent during a recent earthmoving project. Immediately after the contract was signed by a client, additional and more complex constraints were issued, which added time and cost to the project. In order to approach the client for more time and perhaps even funds for the project, CCT must find a way to quantify the added constraints and offer visualization so the client can easily understand.

CCT put their simulation team to work and built mitigation scenarios to aid in the claim for extension of time. Read the case study to find out how, based on the simulation work done, the client agreed to extend the total duration of the earthworks operation by an additional 50% on top of the original schedule duration and to allow two work shifts per day. This essentially saved the project an estimated additional total cost equivalent to 18% of the original total contract value.