Top 5 AnyLogic blogs of 2019

Best AnyLogic blogs of 2019

It’s 2020 and the start of a new decade, a new period to frame trends and technology. Before we get carried away, however, there’s still unfinished business from 2019: What were the top blogs? No need to guess, here’s five of them.

Ever since we reported on Lyle Wallis’s Integrating Artificial Intelligence with Simulation Modeling presentation, it was clear that AI would be a popular topic for the AnyLogic blog.

Certainly, activity regarding combined AI and simulation has made for a great many blog posts, and you’d be right to expect more than one in this list. There are two: one industrial, the other hands-on. That leaves three others. Can you guess what they are?

Read on, discover what you may have missed or, if you’ve been with us all the way, revisit some of the AnyLogic blog highlights from 2019. Thank you for reading!

5. Cranes: How to use the Material Handling Library (part 4)

Cranes: How to use the Material Handling Library (part 4)

Our in-house expert Anastasia Zhiliaeva dives deep into the details of the Material Handling Library to help get you up to speed with the latest library developments. This was part 4 of a series and focused on cranes. If you haven’t dived in yet yourself, take a look. With cloud examples, illustrations, and detailed commentary, you can master some of the finer details of the simulation modeling art.

The other parts in the series:

4. AnyLogic 8.5 released with updated Cloud API

AnyLogic 8.5 released with updated Cloud API

This popular update (‘dang, those levels look amazing!’) introduced a whole bunch of changes, including multi-level support, an OptQuest update (get the most from OptQuest), and new API functionality (there's also more about that in the New Possibilities blog).

We’re on 8.5.1 now but check it out if you haven’t yet caught up!

3. An industrial problem resolved by AI and simulation

An industrial problem resolved by AI and simulation

An industrial problem and its reinforcement learning solution made using AnyLogic and developed by Engineering Ingegneria Informatica. Ramin Mirzazadeh outlines the problem and shows how to train learning agents by letting them interact with an AnyLogic environment. He also demonstrates how to formulate an industrial problem in a way fit for machine learning. These days, some things are better done by AI.

2. Online course for AnyLogic — agent based and discrete event modeling

Online course for AnyLogic — agent based and discrete event modeling

As we wrote at the time, you won’t hear any apologies from the AnyLogic developers about needing to learn some code to get the most from AnyLogic simulation modeling. And that’s because a little upfront learning makes model development faster and simpler in the long run. But, if you are new to the software, how to get this training? With Felipe Haro, online help is at hand!

1. Machine Learning and Simulation: examples and downloads

Machine Learning and Simulation: Examples and Downloads

Simulation modeling experts Arash Mahdavi and Tyler Wolfe-Adam have generated a variety of content on AI and AnyLogic. This post introduces key technologies and concepts with relatable examples and a demo video. It also includes a link to the updated AnyLogic AI download pack. You’ll find their AI white paper in there too. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go get it!

There, that closes the blog for 2019. Are there blogs that you think should have ranked higher? What would you like to see covered in the blog in 2020? Write up your comments below! Not subscribed? Do so now — 2020 promises much!

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