The first materials from WinterSim and AnyLogic Conferences are published!

In December 2012 two remarkable simulation events took place in Berlin – Winter Simulation Conference 2012 and the first AnyLogic Conference on multimethod modeling. Both events attracted a lot of attention and we would like to share with you the materials we received during the conferences.

The AnyLogic Multimethod Modeling Workshop and tutorial presentation was very popular among the WSC attendees : the conference room was not capable to accommodate all visitors! The AnyLogic Company CEO, Andrei Borschev delivered a Multimethod step-by-step modeling tutorial.

The day after the WSC, December 13, more than 80 AnyLogic users gathered at the AnyLogic Conference to share their experience in multimethod modeling. The conference line-up included 15 case studies presented by speakers from Stockholm County Council, Ruhr-Uni-Buchum, Infineon Technologies, Banca d’Italia, etc.

For those who didn’t have a chance to see the live presentations, we have recorded them and will publish the videos on the AnyLogic website for your convenience. In the meantime please feel free to download the PDF presentations.