The Big Book of Simulation Modeling – new chapters part 5

The Big Book of Simulation Modeling – new chapters part 5

The new Big Book of Simulation Modeling, Multimethod Modeling with AnyLogic 8 is the go-to-book for those learning simulation modeling and AnyLogic. It is the only book to comprehensively present the three major paradigms in simulation modeling: agent-based, system dynamics, and discrete-event.

Valuable for both new users and professionals alike, the book provides simple examples on how to combine these three modeling techniques in one model. The results demonstrate why such an approach is increasingly common for solving complex business challenges.

You can find previous chapter releases for the Big Book in our earlier blogposts.

New chapters

In the first two of the new chapters in this blogpost, learn how to build agent-based and system dynamics simulation models. In the second chapter, learn AnyLogic model presentation and animation.

How to build agent-based models (an example)

You can simulate the behavior of real-world objects using the agent-based modeling. This process involves first defining which objects are the most important for your system’s performance. Then, in the model, creating corresponding agents and setting their parameters. Read how in more detail! [Download]

System dynamics

System dynamics is a highly abstract modeling technique that ignores the fine details of a system, such as the individual properties of objects, people, or events. In this new chapter, learn the difference between system dynamics modeling in AnyLogic and other simulation tools. The chapter also introduces how to build models using the system dynamics approach and how to run them in AnyLogic Cloud. [Download]

Follow the examples and practice on the Bass diffusion modeling tutorial.

Model presentation and animation

Using 2D drawings, graphs, interactive controls, and shapes, you can create a model presentation (not 3D animation). Follow the example-based step-by-step guide and learn how to create a model presentation [Download].

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About the authors

Andrei Borshchev

Dr. Andrei Borshchev is the CEO and co-founder of The AnyLogic Company, a leading provider of dynamic simulation tools, technologies, and consulting services for business applications, and is personally recognized as one of the world’s top experts in agent-based and multi-method simulation modeling.

Ilya Grigoryev

Ilya Grigoryev is Head of Training Services at The AnyLogic Company. He is the author of AnyLogic documentation and AnyLogic training courses. He has given numerous public training sessions in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia. Ilya Grigoryev has been a simulation consultant to several organizations.

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