The Big Book of Simulation Modeling – new chapter

The Big Book of Simulation Modeling – new chapter

A new chapter from the Big Book of Simulation Modeling: Multimethod Modeling with AnyLogic 8 is now online and available for download.

The book explores the three main methods in simulation modeling: agent-based, system dynamics, and discrete-event. Various examples and step-by-step guides for solving complex business challenges will be useful for both beginners and advanced users.

You can find previous chapter releases for the new Big Book in our earlier blogposts.

New chapter

The updated chapter in this blogpost is about the AnyLogic Rail Library. It contains a detailed overview of the Library's elements and step-by-step guides to help you get going with the most common simulation models.

With it you can easily build complex models of classification yards, rail yards of large plants, railway stations, rail car repair yards, subways, airport shuttle trains, rail in container terminals and factories, trams, or even rail transportation in a coal mine. You can also seamlessly connect the Rail Library's elements to other AnyLogic libraries' elements. [Download]

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About the authors

Andrei Borshchev

Dr. Andrei Borshchev is the CEO and co-founder of The AnyLogic Company, a leading provider of dynamic simulation tools, technologies, and consulting services for business applications, and is personally recognized as one of the world’s top experts in agent-based and multi-method simulation modeling.

Ilya Grigoryev

Ilya Grigoryev is Head of Training Services at The AnyLogic Company. He is the author of AnyLogic documentation and AnyLogic training courses. He has given numerous public training sessions in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia. Ilya Grigoryev has been a simulation consultant to several organizations.

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