The AnyLogic Conference 2013 Agenda Highlights

The AnyLogic Conference 2013 Agenda Highlights

Do you want to hear how Cardinal Health use simulation to minimize warehouse congestion? Or about a plant capacity model of GE Global Research? What simulation model is used by Centre for Research in Healthcare Engineering to explore healthcare policy choices across OECD countries? On December 12, sixteen commercial and research organizations will tell you about their experience of applying multimethod simulation modeling in their industry. The conference program is based on case-studies and real world examples and is now available on our website. Make sure you register early to secure your attendance - spaces are limited!

The conference program can be found on our website.

Highlights from the Agenda

Esmi Conradie, Operations Researcher at Sasol, a global petrochemicals and energy company, will give a presentation about rail model overall functionality. Rail operations for more than 22 inbound and outbound products will be covered. This model is being used to improve the utilization of locomotives and loading bays, and to determine optimal shift times. Sasol has a vision to use this model to support a wide range of decisions in the future.

Specialists from DWH Consulting and TU-Vienna (Austria) built a large simulation model with approximately one million patients and corresponding physicians of different specialties. They parameterized it from routine healthcare data. Patrick Einzinger and Christoph Urach will present this model and two more case studies on the healthcare data topic. They will also discuss lessons that they have learned from their modeling projects.

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