Software for easier supply chain design, analysis, and optimization

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Supply chain design, management, and optimization is easier with anyLogistix. Building on the simulation capabilities of AnyLogic with supply chain specific features and a streamlined interface, anyLogistix is a powerful supply chain tool that is easily accessible for analysts, managers, and network designers alike.

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The capabilities of anyLogistix help make logistics networks more resilient, more agile, and more performant. Examples include Coca-Cola optimizing drinks deliveries in a complex large-scale market, Deloitte’s supply chain network design for a telecom provider, and ITC Infotech improving forecasting for fast moving goods.

Better supply chain analytics

Many professionals in the supply chain industry will be familiar with using Excel for analysis and planning, and for some, analytical optimization may also be a regular activity. anyLogistix streamlines these activities, unites them in an easy-to-use interface, and provides new opportunities based on simulation as well. To find out more, take a look at the introductory articles we have gathered:

Supply chain insights webinar series

Specific themes relating to supply chain management are explored in a series of webinars with our partners at SimWell. These webinars address key questions around network design, as well as how to address strategic decisions and apply the right approach:

Greater supply chain possibilities

anyLogistix goes far beyond Excel for supply chain management, enabling your organization to capitalize on the increasing digitization of supply chains. By connecting to your company’s data silos, anyLogistix lets you stay up to date with the state of your supply chain and even engage in the development of a supply chain digital twin.

If you would like to experience the software hands-on, you can start with these tutorials today on the free anyLogistix Personal Learning Edition.

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