Simulation for business conference presentations – November 2019

Presentations from industry leaders, including ITC Infotech, PwC, and TATA Steel, showed how AnyLogic simulations help deliver real-world solutions. Events took place in Bangalore, India and Doha, Qatar. Here is a short review and some presentation downloads, video recordings, and photos from the events — check them out and share them with your colleagues!


  • TATA Steel: Improving throughput in a Steel Melting Shop (PDF, Video)
  • PwC: AI driven pricing strategies in a system dynamics-based consumer behavior model (PDF, Video)
  • Indian Institute of Technology: Agent-based service quality assessment of airport terminal building (PDF, Video)
  • Indian Institute of Technology: Agent-based thermal comfort and energy efficiency studies in airport terminal buildings (PDF, Video)
  • ITC Infotech: Repairable spare parts management (PDF, Video)
  • ITC Infotech: Management by Exception (Supply Chain Risk Management with anyLogistix) (PDF, Video)

The videos can also be found in the India User Conference Playlist.

November 2019, AnyLogic with Maxsoft India held the first AnyLogic Indian User Conference. Over 50 participants from a wide range of organizations took part, including Caterpillar, DHL, EY, IBM Research, John Deere, Philips, and WiPro. The event promoted the exchange of ideas and enabled attendees to learn from simulation specialists working in a variety of industries.

The presenters used the multi-method modeling capabilities of AnyLogic when designing their solutions and also demonstrated several AI integrations. In the presentations you will find examples of system dynamics and agent-based modeling as well as topics covering industrial processes, consumer behavior, inventory management, and more.

PwC’s AI Driven Pricing presentation develops on the theme of PwC Director Lyle Wallis’s AnyLogic Conference 2019 presentation, Re-Imagining Strategy, and demonstrates gamification, the use of Java for Machine Learning, and API connectivity with Python.

A supply chain specific presentation was given by ITC Infotech’s Amit Kumar, Principal Consultant, and Krishna Chaitanya, Lead Consultant. They used the supply chain specific anyLogistix software from The AnyLogic Company to develop a supply chain digital twin. The solution entailed management by exception and included AI supported root cause analysis. ITC Infotech’s supply chain presentation: Management by Exception.

Doha, Qatar, saw The AnyLogic Company and Hamad Bin Khalifa University host Simulation in Business – Latest Developments. The event drew together professionals from across the Africa, Europe, and the Middle East to share simulation success stories and learn from industry specialists.

Both events were followed by three-day AnyLogic training program.

Thank you to all who attended and to those who organized the events. We look forward to future events — be sure to check the calendar!

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Photos from Bengaluru:

Photos from Doha:

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