Railway simulation and AI webinar

AnyLogic Rail Library webinar follow-up

If you are simulating the movement of trains, the operation of railway junctions, or rail systems in general, we recommend watching our Rail Library webinar. The webinar focuses on the specialized AnyLogic library for modeling and simulating rail operations. Presented by SimulAi, AnyLogic’s UK partner, the webinar gives an overview of the Rail Library, provides industrial case studies, and explores new AI possibilities.

To accompany the webinar, SimulAi released an interactive pocket handbook for the AnyLogic Rail Library. The handbook shows how each block functions using simple examples, including those included in the AnyLogic 8.6 release.

AnyLogic Rail Library Pocket Handbook

Download the source files from Simul.ai.

The guests of the webinar, engineers from the WSP consulting company, presented their railway modeling projects. In the first, they show how they modeled and tested the operation of a railway depot, its infrastructure, and train movements within it. In another of their case studies, they simulated a station with 12 platforms to understand train scheduling efficiency. To learn more, watch the webinar recording.

AnyLogic Rail Library Webinar

Play on YouTube.

Dive deeper into rail simulation modeling with AnyLogic rail simulation case studies. There are scenarios covering railway processes in ports, terminals, and railway stations from companies including Aurizon, BNSF, RZD (FIFA world cup railway stations), and more.

A previous AnyLogic rail library detailed how to model a rail network, including a rail classification yard, and use GIS maps. The webinar also comes with a downloadable model: Rail Library Webinar.

If you are learning the Rail Library or looking for inspiration, we have 3 short training videos on railway modeling in AnyLogic. We recommend them to those who already know how to work in AnyLogic and are familiar with its interface.

  • Simulating a shuttle train - learn how to set the movement of a single-car train, animate model objects in 3D, and implement the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers.
  • Simulation of a freight train - building models with multi-car trains is easy. In this video, learn how to assign a random number of cars to each train in a model, how to change their appearance, and how to change their order.
  • How to prevent train collisions - learn how to change the movement logic of trains on a railway network and avoid collisions at track intersections.

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