Private Cloud Lite for Linux

AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite for Linux

Private Cloud Lite for Linux! In recognition of the popularity of Linux in the server room, the Linux version of AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite aims to help make deployment easier.

Private Cloud Lite lets you launch and analyze simulation models in your own private network cloud. It simplifies the team development of simulation models and removes the burden of running a simulation from the desktop.

The AnyLogic Cloud API feature is part of Private Cloud Lite and enables integration with BI platforms and data processing systems, as well as the development of your own web interfaces. [More details]

During the evaluation period (contact us) you get a fully functional AnyLogic Private Cloud instance with all the features, including:

  • Privacy first
  • No 3rd party dependencies
  • Multi-user access
  • Remote execution
  • Custom UI
  • API for workflow integration
  • Scenario management

To try AnyLogic Cloud Lite we recommend at least 16 GB of RAM and a modern CPU.

After unpacking and completing the instructions, open the AnyLogic Cloud configuration page ( <your-server-name>:9000/setup.html )

To activate the free evaluation period of AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite select the Evaluate option.


On the next screen, fill in the fields for user and data directory as shown in the screenshot below, the server field with your server address, and enter the password as previously set for the user alcadm.


When the configuration completes, Private Cloud Lite is ready to go! Click the Open button in the dialogue box to open the main menu page and register new accounts for your colleagues. Now they can upload and share models from AnyLogic!

If you have any problems with installation, please contact us, we will help!

Your feedback and feature requests are especially welcome! Please do not hesitate to get in touch as you evaluate the AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite.

We are excited to bring you this release and look forward to your feedback!

❗ AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite will work with any Linux distribution that supports Docker and Docker Compose (Ubuntu, CentOS, and some RHEL versions.)

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